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Millionaire Hoy Review 25 Min. Extreme Full Body HIIT Workout | Burn, Sweat, & Tears Vol. 1


How are you all? I thought I would do a a fitness post tonight, a little review of one of the YouTube workouts I did. Last night I tried  25 Min. Extreme Full Body HIIT Workout | Burn, Sweat, & Tears Vol. 1 by Millionaire Hoy. I have previously reviewed one of his workouts, which you can read here. I like his workouts because they are fast, challenging and don’t get boring (although that said I have never tried doing them day after day). 

This workout was fun and quick and challenging. It started straight into the workout without a warm up, so beware and make sure you warm up properly if you give it a go. It didn’t require any equipment which is always a bonus when you are working out at home. Keeps things simple. There were three rounds and two rounds within each of the three rounds if that makes any sense. Round one had two repeats, round two had two repeats and round three had two repeats. So it wasn’t too repetitive.

On the down side it wasn’t entirely a well balanced whole body workout, which is fine as you can always emphasise the areas of the body that weren’t the focus in your next workout. However, you do need to be aware so that you make sure that you do focus on those areas next time. It was mainly focused on legs and chest, with lots of push exercises (various push ups) and cardio leg focused exercises likes running on the spot and squats. There were lots of exercises that employed multiple muscle groups (burpees for example). However, overall there were not really any exercises focusing on the back or using the pull motion. It was also extremely high impact so definitely not one for beginners or for anyone with injuries, niggles or joint issues.

Overall though, I do generally enjoy his workouts. I wouldn’t say it was his most extreme and I definitely didn’t shed any tears but I did work up a sweat! And it was a challenging 25 minutes well spent!

Do you ever do exercise videos? Youtube workouts etc? What are your favourites?

Jess xoxox

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