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Benefits of stroller running


I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend. The beach in this photograph was the inspiration for my run today. I love love love the beach. The sun was shining (finally) and I had energy to burn. So I loaded the girls up in their stroller and jogged to the beach, around the headland and then home.

It was so nice to get out and go for a jog. For those of you considering getting into running with bub (or bubs) I thought I would summarise some of the benefits.

* It is a nice way for you and baby to get some Vitamin D and breathe in the fresh air.

* It helps baby become familiar with their neighbourhood and surrounds.

* Baby has the opportunity to learn all sorts of new words and colours. My girls love to point out cars, trucks, planes, dogs and trees.

* It is a lot more work running with a stroller, which means you’re working harder and you will hopefully reap the benefits.

* It gets your upper body even more involved in the run. Particularly your chest, so make sure you give it a big stretch once your done. And don’t forget to work your back. (I’ll do a post with some back stroller exercises soon.

* You don’t need a babysitter to watch the kids while you workout. This is great if you or your little one suffers from separation anxiety.

* Hopefully it instills the value of exercise in bub. Even though your little one may be young they are taking on board a lot. It is great for them to see you as an active and healthy parent.

I’m off to bed early as both of my girls are getting in 4 teeth at the same time and have been keeping me up a bit. I’ll be back with another family a fitness post tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even post a recipe this week, if I can master one! 🙂

Lots of love,

Jess xoxox

For the parents out there, how do you fit working out into your life with a little one?