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Tone it up Tuesday



I hope you’re all having an awesome week… I’ve been slacking a little on Tone it up Tuesday’s but I’m back with it this week.

This week’s workout is a chest and back workout. You’ll need dumb bells or some kind of weight or resistance band for a more challenging workout. Also a pull up bar if you can find one!

Please note before commencing any new exercise regime it is important you consult your Doctor. If you feel dizzy, light headed, overly tired, in pain or injured immediately stop what you are doing and see your Doctor.

5 minute warm up- cardio of choice

15 pull ups (assisted or unassisted if you’re crazy)

15 narrow grip push ups

15 seated rows

15 wide grip push ups

15 lat pull downs

15 chest flies

15 supermen

15 ab crunches

Plank – for good measure!

Repeat 2-3 times!

5 minute cool down and stretch!

What’s happening with you this Tuesday? What day do you push yourself the most in your workouts?

Jess xoxoxox