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Swimmers Workout – on land!


Happy Saturday! 🙂

Since today is our swimming day I thought I would post a little resistance workout that would be great for swimmers.

As per usual please note before beginning any new workout  regime please check with your doctor. If you feel overly tired, sick, dizzy, in pain or light headed please stop working out immediately and check with your doctor.

5 minute warm up – cardio of choice

3 sets of 20 wide leg squats with anterior deltoid raises (use light dumbbells or resistance band)

3 sets of 20 oblique crunches

3 sets of 20 superman’s

3 sets of 20 narrow grip push ups

3 sets of 20 bent over rows

3 sets of 20 chest flies

3 sets of 20 Ab crunch with butterfly kicks

Cool down and stretch stretch stretch

Hope you all have something fun planned for tonight! Before I had kids I LOVED Saturday nights out. Now Tonight I’m actually going out for dinner with hubby for our anniversary. I might even wear makeup! 🙂

Lots of love,


What excitement do you have planned this weekend?