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Surfers’ Workout


Since I’m in Hawaii and surfing is pretty big over here, I thought I’d put together a little workout to strengthen those surfing muscles. Things are going really well. The babies are exhausted at the end of each day from so much activity. I could spend hours swimming in the waves. It is so nice!

As per usual please check with your Doctor before starting any new workout routine. If you feel overly tired, in pain, light headed or dizzy stop immediately and get checked by your Doctor. For the first half of the workout you will need light hand weights.

5 minute warm up cardio of choice

Front shoulder raises with hand weights – all the way up above your head and control down

Lateral (side) shoulder raises with hand weights – all the way up and controlled down

Lat pull downs and push back up with hand weights

Narrow grip push ups

Lunges on the spot forwards, side ways and backwards, then switch legs

Oblique crunches

Isometric squats hold 30 s to 1 min

Plank hold 30 s to 1 mins

Cool Down

Do 3 sets of 15 for each of the exercises or 3 sets of holds for the isometric moves. By the last set you should be finding the last 3 reps very challenging ( obviously be careful you maintain form and if you cannot take a break).

Are any of you surfers? Or surfing admirers? I haven’t been surfing since before I had the girls, but I always enjoy it. Love to watch it though! And I may have a thing for Kelly Slater…

Lots of love,

Jess xxxxxoooxxx