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Quiet Weekend

A Tired PuppyHello!

How are you all? I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and are settling nicely back into the week.

We were fairly quiet over the weekend and I took a break from training. I’ve had an ear infection that has been harassing me for just shy of a week. At first I kept training with it, because it’s just my ear, but then I thought I’m not really doing myself any favours. I probably need rest. So rest it has been. I’m gearing to go this week after taking some time off.

I headed out this morning for an 8km run, which was the first run I’ve been on in awhile. It felt good and actually I felt like I could have run farther. I am looking forward to getting back into some kind of training routine again.

My enjoyment for running seems to be rubbing off onto my girls. They constantly play “going for a jog”. Yesterday when I called one to lunch she replied “I can’t mummy, I’m busy in this running race.” Funny how perceptive they are, hopefully they pick up more of my good habits then my bad habits!

Being a mum of little girls I really hope they don’t develop body image issues and unhealthy thinking with food and exercise. I want them to be active and healthy and happy! Doesn’t every mum I guess?!? The pressure on kids just seems so high.

Apart from that, I spent the weekend cleaning and clearing out stuff. Sorting things to save, donate and sell. I’ve been doing quite a lot of selling lately, which has made getting rid of things easier. I hate having too much stuff, but it is so easy to accumulate. And it starts early, I have no idea how my kids have so many toys! Feels good to clear it out and have more open space!

How was your weekend? What are your training plans like this week? Do you enjoy clearing clutter?

Jess xoxoxox

photo by: Henrik Thorn