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What is in our lunch box? Packing a preschool lunch


How are you all doing? I have become one of those people who photographs food! Not because I fancy myself as an apprentice food stylist or anything. I won’t quit my day job. However, I wanted to share with you all some easy preschool lunchbox ideas.

I joined the ranks of lunchbox packers this year when my girls started Kindy 3 days a week. I felt a little intimidated and didn’t know where to begin. I wanted to feel confident they were getting enough to eat, they were eating well and they had energy to get through the day. I also wanted them to enjoy their food. I really didn’t know what to pack. They are not really ‘sandwich kids’, although I have packed one sandwich this term.

So I googled and pinterested different ideas. And not so surprisingly everyone had amazingly different ideas of “healthy” for kids. I decided my goal would be to try and cram in as many serves of fruit and vegies as possible, not fully expecting them to eat everything. Just with the intention that maybe they would consume some of the good stuff.

My kids are not paleo, vegetarian, gluten intolerant, dairy intolerant or allergic to anything. So some of the meals have grains, wheat, meat and dairy. And some don’t. All lunches are nut free, because nuts are banned from schools here due to the serious nature of some childrens allergies to nuts.

I will probably try to share a few meals each month for those who are interested. And for those who are not don’t worry I won’t bombard you! I do promise to work on my photography skills. All of these are taken with my phone after 10pm!

Lunchbox 1:

Sides: Corn, blueberries, dried apricots.

Main: Roasted garlic flat bread and shredded chicken.






Lunchbox 2:

Sides: blueberries and white nectarine, cucumber slices, sultanas (raisins) and apricot balls.

Main: Shredded Turkey Sandwich.






Lunchbox 3:

Sides: Nectarine slices, carrot sticks, baby tomatoes.


Vegemite and butter on seeded crackers and grated cheese.






And that my friends is a ‘week’ of school lunches. I have started to get better about not ‘overpacking’ it is tempting to fill each little section of their lunch to the brim as it looks pretty. However, because it has been very hot this term by the time the leftovers get back home they are not really safe for consumption. So I realised it was just a waste of food. As the weather cools down, left over lunch may become afternoon tea.

What are your favourite lunches? Do you ever pack a lunch/es?

Jess xoxo


photo by: Cyron