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September Challenge!

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and overcomes the inevitable.”


September is nearly here! Life goes way TOO FAST! Eek!

August was a pretty stressful month for me, it was getting me down, when all I wanted was to just enjoy my wonderful children and where I am in life.

September is Spring here in Australia! A month of new beginnings, warmer weather, birds and flowers everywhere and the smell of summer in the air (my favourite season!).

So I thought I’d challenge you all to join me on a little and easy challenge this month. I’m going to call it the “Love Yourself Challenge”. All that is required is everyday this month you say out loud to yourself a positive affirmation about you! It can be the same thing or different thing everyday. You can do it in the shower or car or whereever. You don’t even have to believe what you are saying. But hopefully by the end of the month you will!

I have never been one to do this, it always seemed awkward and cheesey. But what is the harm in trying, I know it works for some people! Maybe it can work for us. I will share my affirmations as we go!

September 1 will be: “I am a strong and loving Mother and I do the very best job for my kids.”

Have you ever used positive affirmations? What are you looking forward to this September?

Lots of love,

Jess xxxxooxxx