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Burn those legs in the back yard


So I didn’t get to sneak out to the gym tonight. Boo. But I managed to fit in a little outdoor workout. Tonight the focus was legs and abs, with cardio blasts in between all sets to keep my heart rate up because it is cold outside!!!! Brrrr.

This is designed to be fairly challenging. Not a beginners workout. This workout involves plyometrics (jumps) if you have knee problems or joint problems, injuries or health concerns do not attempt.

Start with five minutes of jogging on the spot to warm up

25 squats x 3

30 star jumps (jumping jacks) between each set

25 wide leg pliƩ squats x 3

Skip 1 minute between each set

25 Alternating step back lunges x 3

Jog on spot with knees up for 1 minute between each set

Repeat all of the above 3 x

25 Ab crunches x 3

20 tuck jumps between each set

3 Planks 10-30 sec each

20 tuck jumps between each plank

50 oblique crunches both sides

5 minute cardio cool down and stretch, stretch, stretch

Please note before beginning any exercise regime you should speak to a doctor. If you feel overly tired, dizzy, sick or in pain stop immediately and see your doctor.

Lots of love,

Jessica xoxoxo

What are your favorite at home workouts?