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Living a life full of regrets- with no regrets about it!

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Do you ever see that phrase:

Live without regrets…

And aspire to it? I used to. I used to see it everywhere and think it was the way to be. Kind of my attitude in my early twenties. Get the most out of life, do it all and regret nothing. Because you haven’t missed out on anything.

Essentially I know that it’s trying to encourage you to live life to the full and don’t get me wrong I’m all about it.

But these days it doesn’t inspire me it kind of annoys me. Stupid thing to get annoyed about right? It doesn’t annoy me because it encourages getting yourself out there. But when you read it and take it at its core literal meaning it starts to get to me.

My mind goes to questions like:

“How can you live without regrets?” “Does that mean don’t take responsibility for your mistakes?” “Do people really think that they don’t need to feel bad about their mistakes?”

I’m at a point in my life where I have most definitely made mistakes. Some have been astronomical. Some have been minor. Some have taught me a lesson from which I can grow and move forward. Others can’t be repaired and have taught me a lesson, but with no real happy ending.

DO I wish I could live without regrets? Yes, but I’m not perfect. I’m not super human and it is unrealistic and dare I say arrogant to even pretend to be able to live without regrets.

The other flip side is that my regrets, my mistakes and my troubles have shaped me, created my present, created options for my future and led to some of the most wonderful things in my life. I don’t mean to say the mistakes were not mistakes because they led to wonderful outcomes, because in most cases they were still major mistakes. I just got lucky with the outcomes.

I guess it annoys me too because I think we all need to accept responsibility for our flaws and for the times when we royally stuff up. To be able to say “Sorry, I stuffed up, how can I make it better OR move forward from here.”

So whilst I know the intention of the phrase is not to literally be arrogant, not accept responsibility for your mistakes or even think that you’ve made mistakes, these days I can’t look past it.

Are there any inspirational quotes out there that irritate you? Do you live with regrets? Do you think it is healthy and normal to do so? I should have re titled this post to Friday’s rant! hahaha!

Jess xoxoxox


photo by: JD Hancock