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Happy Birthday!

H and L YambaHello!

It has been awhile! The last two weeks have been quite busy. Friday Night was Halloween, which my girls love celebrating. Not simply because it is a fun holiday but also because for my twins it is a big milestone, the eve of their Birthday. Their last day as big 3 year olds before they turned 4!

Saturday was very exciting! My girls turned 4! I cannot believe they are 4! Happy Birthday my beautiful girls! I adore them so much!

Halloween 2014

I have been thinking about things that I hope and wish for them. They are growing up so fast. Seriously it seems like maybe 6 months ago that they were babies. They are going to preschool next year and school the following year. I am going to miss them! Of course I am excited for them to embark on their own adventures into the world, build their own friendships and interests and lives. However, it is definitely a huge transition and it will probably be harder for me to watch them go through it then the transition will be for them to make.

L Yamba

I would love to give them the gift of confidence and the ability to be grateful and happy for their lives. I want them to be confident to make the choices in their lives that will give them the most satisfaction and enable them to become the women they want to be. The interests they pursue and the paths they take will ultimately be up to them. However, watching them grow and their stories unfold will no doubts be magical to watch and be a part of!

H Yamba

Happy Birthday my Beautiful girls I hope it is a wonderful year for you and I promise it will be filled with many kisses and cuddles and snuggles from me!

What was your favourite childhood age?

Jess xoxox