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Alternative living – going furniture free

monkey barsHello!

I recently stumbled across this blog post on going furniture free. I had never heard anything like it before, but I thought it was a really interesting idea!

The author Katy Bowman is a Biomechanist whose speciality is in the human body. Her and her husband have made the decision to basically go furniture free for the biomecahnical health benefits. Essentially they feel that it is better for our bodies to work harder, get up and down (from the ground) and support our own weight. Their biggest gripe seems to be with chairs and lounges.

One of the cool things they have in their house instead is monkey bars! Not so secretly I would love to have a playroom full of equipment! I think this is a really cool idea, although you would have to have a pretty big place to fit that in!

Throughout the post Bowman discusses various cultures that generally rely less on furniture and believes it is a healthier way to go. Interestingly, in the comments sections, the culture comparisons sparked quite a few angry remarks. People felt that it was unfair to draw those comparisons as some of the countries were developing and furniture less living was more to do with poverty than healthy lifestyle choices.

Have you ever heard of anyone going furniture free (for reasons unrelated to poverty)? What are your thoughts?

Jess xoxox

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