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Plans this Week!

Spring Beach day


I hope you have all had an awesome weekend! We had some beautiful weather so we spent a lot of time at the beach and at the park. The nice thing about both those places is they get us outside and active AND they are free! It is always nice to save a bit over the weekend (or at least not spend).

I took a break from running over the weekend. I did some weight training and resistance work on Saturday and a total break on Sunday. I’m still having issues with my right knee and running seems to really irritate it.

I’m sure I need to do some focused strength exercises, foam roll and stretch more. I’ve been taking the “maybe if I ignore it it will go away” solution. Which sadly rarely works. I know better! At least I have been resting it and not pushing myself. But I want to get back to pushing myself, so I do need to actually figure it out and resolve the situation! Do you guys ever ignore pain? Not smart on my behalf I know.

This week we have an active week planned with the kids. They have dance lessons, swimming, the library story time and some park play dates. I love those weeks though, because they sleep so much better and fall into their routine more easily. And when they sleep better, I sleep better!!!

I have heaps of cleaning/ tedious tasks that none of you want to read about, but hopefully with some early bed times I’ll get on top of it! That laundry goal is yet to be achieved.

What are your plans for the week? How was your weekend?

Jess xoxox