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Where to begin. This month has kicked off to be a really exciting month. I have lots planned and am hoping things will start heading in the right direction.

I am starting a new business, which I have been planning forever. This month some serious work is going into it and it will hopefully finally be launched. I am also working as a Nutrimetics Consultant, as I love the products and I enjoy the flexibility of the work. And I am going to be subbing a few classes for my Fitness Instructor while she is away, which I am extremely excited about! I am hoping all of these endeavours will be interesting, stimulating and pay off literally, as with having three kids and living in Sydney we really need it!


The girls (my twins) have been really getting into school and I can see huge changes in them. They are also enjoying Music lessons and have a little concert coming up! And they are dancing and have their first Eisteddfod coming up this month! SO that will be both adorable and exciting for them!


Summer turned 2 last month and is officially a big girl in her own eyes (she will always be my Baby). She is talking non stop and really getting more and more into life, if that it even possible. She LOVES the dirt, mud, well just life. Her clothes don’t love it so much, but it’s a small price to pay for that much pleasure!

I have some really fun blog posts planned and some that I find interesting. I really hope to blog more regularly and consistently. However, this year we have had flooding, construction, more flooding and lots of projects I have had to focus on at home. I am feeling on top of things and hoping I can find more time to blog. Blogging sort of feels like a luxury break these days!


Sydney actually copped a beating over the weekend with a huge storm, that caused a lot of damage in my area. We had some flooding, in parts of the house that we had not been able to fix in time, so it was not unexpected.  Annoying but nothing too serious. Quite a few homes on Collaroy Beach front (which is two beaches north of me) have been destroyed and that must be unbelievably devastating for those home owners.

I hope you are all doing well! If you are an Aussie, did you get hit by the storm? Did you fair okay? North Americans, are you excited to kick off Summer?

Jess xoxox