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Things I have learnt from wearing a Pedometer!

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Hello Folks!

How are you all? I got a Pedometer for Mother’s Day back in May and I have been wearing it fairly consistently since. I will probably do a review on the pedometer I have been wearing soon, however, spoiler alert I don’t love it.

I do enjoy wearing a pedometer more than I thought though and it has definitely motivated me to get in more exercise (more so than I thought it would again). It has also taught me a thing or two about movement, like when I am doing a lot more than I realise and when I am doing a lot less. I thought I would share with you all!

Here we go! Things I have learnt from wearing a Pedometer!

  1. Parking far away adds in a lot of extra steps and is worth it!
  2. Getting out of the house always helps even if you are not going far or fast just leaving your house gets you stepping.
  3. That said, sitting in traffic sucks and does nothing (we all knew that).
  4. Walking is always a preferable form of transportation, so if you have the time just do it!
  5. Going to the mall is a workout and highly recommended. Seriously shopping could be a sport.
  6. Going to the gym, going for a run, or doing some “formalised” workout session usually always ensures I reach my goal for the day.
  7. However, going to the gym, going for a run, or doing some “formalised” workout is not good enough if I then sit around on my bum all day.
  8. Random moving throughout the day adds up too!
  9. Getting up and playing or at least standing and walking around a bit makes an enormous difference (vs just sitting watching my kids play).
  10. House work is overrated and doesn’t really make that big of a difference…. okay well maybe it does a little but not a lot! Sorry can’t bring myself to advocate spending more time indoors cleaning! 🙂

Do you try to get incidental exercise? Have you ever worn a pedometer? What did you think?

Jess xoxo

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