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5 Simple tips to improve your health today


How are you all going? We are suffering along with this flu that never seems to end. Well actually the girls seem to have nearly kicked and unfortunately it caught up with me over the weekend. Sigh. However, I won’t bore you with cold and flu whinging talk, instead I will bore you with simple things you can do today to improve your health! (Kidding I promise you will love it 🙂 )

So here we go:

1. Increase the amount of plant based whole foods in your diet.

In real words, eat more fruit and vegetables. Even if it is just an extra piece of fruit or an extra veggie, throw it in. Start small and build from there. My local newspaper had an article in it the other week suggesting that on a self reported study 7% of Australians were eating enough vegetables and 50% were eating enough fruit. 7% is pathetic and 50% whilst sounds  a lot better than 7% is actually still crazy high and a pretty poor effort. How accurate these stats are I don’t know, but honestly I don’t doubt that most people don’t eat enough fruit and veg. We all know they are packed full of the good stuff.

2. Drink Water more often.

Being hydrated is so important for our day to day functioning and long term health.  About 70% of our body is water! In winter it is easier to not drink enough, we are cold, and enjoy sipping on warm caffeinated drinks more often. Take a break and have a glass of water. You will feel refreshed.

3. Get out of the house. 

You will increase your incidental activity quite substantially just by getting out. Sitting down inside all day, is not only depressing but it is unhealthy. And you will probably increase your social interaction, which also another winner for us all!

4. Go to bed or take a nap.

Easier said than done if you suffer with insomnia, I realise. However, many of us just choose to stay up later to watch TV or because we work a bajillion hours or whatever it is and still have to be up early in the morning. Lack of sleep is tied to weight gain and depression. So if you can figure out a way to catch some extra ZZZs go for it!

5. Wear something that makes you feel good. 

How often do you feel exhausted, stressed, or can’t be bothered and you dress in a way to reflect that? We all have those days. However, try dressing in a way that makes you feel good sometime rather than a reflection of your mood. You may be surprised how a simple change an affect how you feel, your activity level and what you get done!

What are your simple tips for feeling better?

Jess xoxox

photo by: Martin Cathrae