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How much water do we actually need?

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Today we are having a heat wave! It is supposed to get up to 43 degrees Celsius, which is 109.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Pretty hot for us! And one of my little munchkins has a fever! Seems we cannot escape illness lately. When they go down for their nap I will get back to sterilizing and airing everything out! Usually we get sick more frequently in winter, however, this summer seems to have hit us up a bit harder. We have been really busy and active, so maybe it is just a sign that we all need more rest!

I thought it would be a good day to do a post about water!


The amount you should drink changes daily, which makes sense. It is dependent on our size, physical activity, the weather, time outdoors and our current health condition. Every system in our body is dependent upon water! It the most important “chemical” that our body needs to function.

The average for women in a temperate climate is 2.2 litres a day (9 cups) and 3 litres (13 cups) for men (Source). So a little more then the usual 8 recommended glasses.

Children and older adults are more prone to dehydration, as they are not as good at regulating their body temperature or gauging thirst. As we age our water needs generally don’t go down, but apparently our ability to recognise (and therefore, act upon) thirst does.

Fruit Bowl

We can obtain about 20% of our daily water needs from food. It makes sense that juicy fruits are so attractive in summer! On the flip side alcohol can work to dehydrate us, so limit the cocktails on hot summers day!

Generally if we are eating a balanced, healthy diet we shouldn’t need extra electrolytes from drinks. However, if we are dehydrated and depleted we can become low on necessary electrolytes. We lose a lot of electrolyes when we sweat. So it is definitely not a bad idea after working out on a hot day to replenish with a sports drink – or my favourite coconut water!

Really I need to get better about this whole drinking enough water thing. Ironically the time in my life when I was “best” at remembering to drink enough water was when I worked at a desk job, under airconditioning.  Drinking water was an awesome excuse to get up out of that desk!

How do you go with getting enough water? Any tips or tricks for encouraging yourself to drink more/ enough? For those of you in Sydney – I hope you’ve managed to keep cool today and stay healthy and safe!

Jess xoxox