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Morning rant

Color Play 2Hello!

How are you all?  This week has been a bit crazy so far!

My kids are still sick and I feel like there has been snot everywhere! Actually I’m still sick too. It has been nearly two weeks of icky sickness floating around. I’m hoping we are all on the upside of it! We seem to start to get better and have a good day and then the next day is worse. The last two days have seen improvement though, I’m hoping the trend continues.

I have struggled a bit because I have taken time off working out. I realise so clearly now that working out puts me in a much much better mood and makes me more easy going. SO take away the workouts and add in the sickness and I’ve been a bit cranky! Or a lot cranky! Ah well… I’m trying not to be cranky, but my fuse is definitely shorter.

SO apart from everyone and everything being covered in snot (beautiful image right!?!), I have been cleaning and washing everything in an attempt to sterilise the place!

Today I was going to take the kids out on a hike, because I figured they couldn’t pass their sickness onto the trees and hopefully we could go somewhere without heaps of people around. I try not to take my kids out to places where they could pass it on to the rest of the world when they are obviously contagious. I was thinking a hike would be perfect because we need to get out and get some fresh air!

However, last night our water oddly got turned off! We called the water company and it is off all across our suburb. Apparently a burst water main! gah! I stayed up late hopeful it would come back on, but we called them again and they said not until the morning.

So here we are in the morning and the water is still off… ! Makes me realise how I would spectacularly fail in an emergency where water was turned off for any serious period of time. I am so dependent on running water and I just want to take a shower. I sound like a spoilt rich person! I know there are many people in the world who never have access to clean, running water, and here I am complaining about lack of access for 12 hours.

Anyway, I will go phone the water company again to see if it is worth waiting it out for a shower or just suck it up get the kids out the door and buy some bottled water. A hike and time outdoors would definitely be a good thing for my mood!

How is your week going? Any tips for ridding colds quickly? Are you prepared for emergency situations, like power, water etc going off in a disaster? I need to get on top of that now!!!

Jess xoxox

PS Thanks for listening to my morning rant! I swear tomorrow I’ll have a more interesting and upbeat post! 🙂

photo by: bareego