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15 Minute High Intensity Home Cardio Workout Real Time- Bender Fitness



I hope you all had an awesome weekend! It always flies by too quickly doesn’t it?

Over the weekend I had the chance to do another workout video, so I tried out some more youtube recommendations. It has been a little while since I reviewed one, so I thought I’d share!

This time I tried Melissa Bender’s 15 Minute High Intensity Home Cardio Workout Real Time- Bender Fitness:

The workout is 15 minutes and is set out in one minute blocks. You complete as many reps as you can for 50 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. It starts straight into the workout, so you need to warm up for yourself.

The exercises are challenging and many are high impact. It is definitely a more advanced workout. It doesn’t really get boring as you move through different exercises every minute. There is always change, but there is no challenging choreography. Perfect for those wanting a quick, hard workout. I think it may get boring if you were to do this exact workout quite often, because you would get to know what was coming next, but I guess that can be said of most workouts.

You need a reasonable sized living room floor to complete the workout in, but you can actually do it in your living room. Often I feel with workout videos that I need way more room then I have!

On a personal note, the only off putting thing for me was in the presentation. Melissa Bender presented well and it is filmed by her in her little studio. No worries there for me, although if you’re after professional video quality then keep that in mind. She had a timer set to go off every 50 secs and then after 10 secs. However, she had her boyfriend/ friend/ partner not sure of the relationship reading cue cards and telling her the next exercise. Again, no problems. Except through the workout he started to make comments to her that were awkward for the listener. Sounded like he was most definitely enjoying watching her workout, which is totally fine, but I don’t want to know about it! You get what I mean? Kind of funny but I just thought I couldn’t review it properly without adding that in!

How was your weekend? Did you have an active one?

Jess xoxoxox


photo by: Zabowski