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Tone it up Tuesday!


How are you? I hope your week is starting out well! Ours has been nice, I got to see one of my great Uni friends yesterday who I don’t see enough of. My girls love her and we had a great afternoon.

I thought I would continue the tradition of ‘Tone it up Tuesdays.’ I always feel most inspired/ motivated to workout on Tuesdays. Mondayitis is over, the week is still fresh and I’m ready!

This is an upper body workout. You’ll need some dumbbells! Please note before commencing any new exercise regime it is important you consult your Doctor. If you feel dizzy, light headed, overly tired, in pain or injured immediately stop what you are doing and see your Doctor.

Warm up 5 mins – get your arms and torso moving. Lots of swings and loosening up those shoulders.

3 sets of 15 Bent Over Reverse Flies

3 sets of 15 Wide Grip Push Ups

3 sets of 15 Bent Over Rows

3 sets of 15 Narrow Grip Push Ups

3 sets of 15 Bicep Curls

3 sets of 15 Tricep Dips

Cool Down and stretch out those arms, chest and back. Might even be a good time to foam roll your upper body! 🙂

When do you feel the most motivated to workout? What is your favourite upper body exercise?

Lots of love,

Jess xxxoooxxx