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5 free active things to do with the kids these winter holidays

Flying a KiteHello!

How are you all? I have intentionally stayed away from blogging the last few days, because I have been really busy helping 3 sick kids. Not much fun and not very exciting to blog about. I think we are finally on the upswing… fingers crossed.

Well since it is school holidays and my kids are sick it has actually been me going stir crazy at home, desperate to get out! However, usually holidays bring boredom to the kids as they search for things to do. Most “things” these days cost $ and it adds up quickly. SO here are a few ideas for those after some free options.

1. The library!

Okay I know some kids will complain about this, but I think even if kids don’t admit it, most can find some joy in reading. And the library has so many books, they can usually borrow quite a few! It is a great way for kids to try out different authors or genres. It satisfies that super consumer cultural need to “take something home”/ “get something” and it will get them out and then hopefully give them something to do during at home. My kids also discovered at our last visit that they even have DVDs you can borrow! Also for little kids the power of having their own card and bag to manage is extremely fun and empowering!

2. The beach!

It may be winter, but the beach is one of my favourite places to visit. During winter it is generally empty, clean and more fun than you would guess! You may even get lucky and spot a dolphin or whale as they migrate north for the winter! Rug the kids up if it is too cold or windy, and let them run. Take a kite or let the kids build a sandcastle. I find that kids have far fewer issues going to places like the beach in winter than adults, we like to over think potential fun!

3. The park!

Okay I know this is predictable but it is a good one. And you know you can always mix things up and try out a new park, or a new kind of park. Maybe your kids seem too old for the usual park, well how about a skate park? Or a bike park? My kids complain if I take them to the regular park during the holidays too frequently so I like to take them to those parks we have driven past but don’t have time to stop at because we are usually too busy!

4. Bike track!

There are bike trails, paths, and tracks all over the place. Bike riding is obviously great exercise and lots of fun! You can foster their independence and take them on a little adventure. My only tip is that make sure you don’t take them too far on the way out so that the way back is a real struggle!

5. Bush walking!

Again, it is a great time to explore some wonderful trails. Snakes are (mostly) in hibernation, so get those shoes out and go for a walk. If you are in Sydney there are trails and walks to suit even the slickest of city slickers and those up for more rough and tumble. Make sure you are prepared, let someone know where you are going and when you should be back, take plenty of water and sunscreen! And have fun!

What are your favourite “free” activities”? What are your favourite holiday memories? If yor kids are on holidays what do you have planned?

We are hoping to head up to Yamba to see my Dad in the second week if the girls ears clear up as we are wanting to fly! Fingers crossed!

Jess xoxox

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