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Fitness Fitting it in! -Twins at School, Toddler at home



How are you all? It has been a little while since I did an update on fitting in fitness with my kids and life. I find it helpful to know what others do and how they make it work. So this is my way of sharing what I do.

At the moment the twins are in school 4 days a week (they get the first few Fridays off so the school can conduct Best Start Assessments) and very shortly they will be in school 5 days a week. School is very close so we always walk, it doesn’t add a huge amount of steps into my day, but it does help.


Once I have dropped the girls to school I take Summer to do something and we generally go on foot, unless it is raining. Twice a week we walk to a Mums and Bubs exercise class for my fitness (yoga and dancing). The other two days we do one of her activities, something she chooses or just something to get us out of the house and get her active, learning and playing.

On the days I am not specifically exercising I either try to walk, jog or run “the long way home” , with Summer in the stroller, so I can get in some exercise. If it is a day where that is not going to work I come home and workout while she naps (rare) or once all the kids are in bed. If I am working out at home it is generally for 30 minutes. I do total body workouts using hand weights, my own body weight/ resistance exercises and a skipping rope. They are intense, but not crazy and they get the job done. Sometimes though none of that happens and I take a rest day. This year it is definitely easier to fit it in than last year, but it still has it’s challenges.


I would love to make it back to my gym, since I am paying a membership. They do have a creche so I may try Summer in it down the line and try to do one morning a week at the gym or to sneak away in the evenings if I can get them all asleep early. It is a balance because my aim of each day is not simply to exercise. I have errands, cleaning, housework and Summer! I want Summer to be stimulated and experience life and really that comes first. I do feel much better when I get out and get moving and can release some energy. Especially at the moment with all of the anxiety in the air.

After school when I pick up the girls if they don’t have an activity (dance or music) we go for a walk together to the park, or we go for a swim. We get outside and get active and just enjoy. It is not only about getting them active but also about burning off their anxiety and connecting with each other and the environment.


I am enjoying  the fitness aspect of our current routine. I would love for everyone to be more settled and peaceful. I am hopeful we will get there in time. As you can see my life is pretty good if I get to spend each morning with my babe, getting out and about!

What are your tips for fitting in fitness? Do you find it slides in nicely with your routine or is it a bit of work to fit it in?

Jess xoxox