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60 Minute HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout – Fitness Blender Tabata HITT Abs and Oblique


How are you all? I had another night in where it was raining and couldn’t get to the gym, so I turned to the old trusty youtube to find a workout video. I decided to try out another Fitness Blender Workout, today I did 60 Minute HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout – Fitness Blender Tabata HITT Abs and Oblique.

So far, I have enjoyed Fitness Blender Workouts, because they get the job done. They are nothing fancy, but they are challenging and I feel like I have worked out, even though I’m in my lounge room. Sometimes hard to do.

This workout was very similar to all of the workouts in their series. It was 6 minutes warm up, 6 minute cool down and 48 minutes of tabata.  Every set of tabata exercises was done 8 times before you moved onto something new. So it was BORING. Challenging yes, but most definitely boring. They alternated between cardio sets and ab sets. Most of the exercises were advanced and not good for anyone with old injuries, or physical limitations. Lots of them involved getting up and down off the floor (hint hint burpees).

The good things about the workout were that I definitely felt like I worked and it did get the job done. I just wouldn’t want to do it too often or I would get lazy and distracted. Honestly about half way through I thought about turning it off, I wasn’t sure if it was out of boredom or because I was tired. I was glad I stuck it out as the second half seemed better to me- not sure why.

So there you go, if you’ve got an hour to spare and are looking for a challenging workout (that doesn’t involve much thinking), then it is most definitely worth a go!

Have you tried any new workouts lately? Do you ever workout at home?

Jess xooxx