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HIIT Cardio Workout -Fitness Blender- Review

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Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a great weekend. It was so cold and rainy here, but we still made the most of it! Yesterday we spent the morning at an insane indoor play centre. And insane in the negative sense! Seriously it was over crowded, the tunnels were broken but not barricaded off and the staff was fighting with each other. We still had a fine time, but I definitely thought it wasn’t the best run business! It helped wear the girls out and got them out of the house all morning, which can be a challenge on a rainy, cold day.

As it was so wet I got to do another indoor, youtube, workout video. So here is my review, incase any of you find yourself in the same situation…!

This one was a HIIT workout by Fitness Blender, called HIIT Cardio Workout. It was 20 minutes long. It consisted of a 5 minute warm up, a 5 minute cool down and 10 minutes of Tabata (interval training) in between. Fairly short and easily achievable. The workout was fairly difficult and high intensity. Not good for anyone with joint problems, a beginner or who has issues with plyometrics (jumping).

The warm up was fine it took you through a range of exercises of moderate to high intensity to get you ready for the Tabata.

The Tabata was challenging they used two different exercises – squat jumps and burpees- the entire time. Broken up with a two minute jog in the middle. The workout was difficult, but honestly boring. The advantage of that is you don’t have to think or worry about choreography. But the reality is still that I was getting bored.

The cool down was nice and did the job.

It was a thorough workout and I came away from it more tired than I anticipated. If you were short for time but wanted to get in a high intensity, high impact workout, this one would certainly do the job. It would not be good for anyone with injuries or joint issues and probably get really boring if you wanted to do it frequently.

Have you tried Tabata? Do you enjoy short intense workouts, or longer endurance sessions more?

Jess xxx

PS The giveaway is coming up this week! I’ll keep you posted!

photo by: 55Laney69