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Easy Canvas Prints Review!


Happy Friday!


This morning was quite exciting! I got a package and enclosed in it was a little treat I got from Easy Canvas Prints!

I always love getting something for free or even at a discount, but it is so exciting when it is something that you can and will cherish on your walls for years. There are very few gifts that actually fall into the “cherish for years” category. They have to be something extra special. A beautiful canvas with your gorgeous kids faces definitely is one of those extra special things.

The lovely thing about canvas pictures is that they sort of feel like a piece of art on the wall. And everyone in the family can enjoy, cherish and remember those special moments as they walk by them. My kids love pictures just as much as I do!

Easy Canvas Prints was really easy to use as you’d expect from the name and really affordable. I was easily able to upload a picture from my Facebook account. You can really choose a picture from anywhere though from a folder on your desktop to your favorite social media photo album. I received an 8 x 10 inch picture, but you can get a whole range of sizes to suit your space. The quality is fantastic, the colours are very vibrant.

I just need to decide where to hang ours!


They also have two affiliate sites www.buildasign.com and www.alliedshirts.com,  so between their three sites they can meet all your printing needs!

They do not ship to Australia, so apologies to my Australian readers, they do ship throughout the States though. They are always offering deals and discounts, which in many cases include free shipping.

Have you ever ordered a canvas print? Do you enjoy having photographs on your wall?

Jess xxoooxx

I did not receive compensation for my opinion,  however,  I did receive a free print. All thoughts and opinions are my own!