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Diet Detoxification – Does it work?

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How are you all going? I’ve meet a few women lately who have casually mentioned to me that they are “on a detox”. To each of them it meant different things, one of them merely meant she was trying to cut out alcohol, another meant she was trying to eat better and the third one was trying to eliminate toxins.

The whole notion of detoxing has been popularised through the media, with celebrities doing it and many different “detox diets” advertising their ways. Generally it involves a heavily restricted diet for a period of time in order to rid the body of toxins. Sounds nice, or kind of horrible, but how effective and achievable are these diets?

Of course there are the traditional detox’s – drug and alcohol, which are very important stages in overcoming addiction. Withdrawal from long-term alcohol addiction without medical assistance can even be fatal. Alcohol dependence in the long term results in a decrease in the production of a reuptake inhibitor, which alcohol acts to replace. Source.

But what about the other “detox’s” out there? How effective are detox diets? Do we need them? Should we do them?

Google detox and you find that there are a LOT of different detox diets targeting different areas of the body and using different techniques. Some of the many found include:

  • Juice Fasting
  • Master Cleanse Diet
  • Raw Food Detox
  • All Fruit Detox
  • Liver Cleanse
  • Heavy Metal Cleanse
  • Candida Cleanse

Many different religious groups fast at regular intervals and make claims for wonderful health benefits as well (and have done so for a long time). So detoxing, fasting and including periods of restrictive eating for health are nothing new. Each different detox has it’s own claim to different health benefits including reduction in constipation, congestion, improved immunity and eliminating toxins; just to name a few. ┬áSource.

Some of the obvious negatives include water loss, lowered immunity, limited weight loss that returns upon normal eating habits, lowered metabolism; and my guess is that there would be some negative psychological impacts on those of us who have suffered with eating disorders or food addictions in the past etc.

Have you ever “detoxed”? If so, which sort of detox have you done? And what were the results? I’m interested to test one out for the blog and keep you updated on the results… I just need to pick one! If you were to recommend one for beginners, what would you suggest?

I hope you are all getting ready for a wonderful weekend!

Jess xoxoxox


photo by: Ed Yourdon