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First Ballet Class- Northern Beaches Dance Co Review


How are you? We have had a really nice day. The girls had their first ballet class and it was awesome. From the time the woke up until we got back home they were angels.

As soon as they woke up I told them it was ballet morning and they started getting excited. We ate a quick breakfast and they got all dressed up in their little dance skirts. We did their hair in the style of choice – they have so much hair and are extremely particular about how it is done. I’m going to be in trouble when they are 13. Probably sooner.

They were so excited when we got to the class. We did the ‘Mums and Bubs’ class for 2-3 year olds. There was probably 10 kids in the class. The teacher Miss Debbie was just lovely and the Rockstar LOVED her. She would have happily followed her around all class… in fact she pretty much did.

It was a half hour class and she kept them moving the whole time. They got to dance in circles, from the corner, dance with wands and use pom poms. I could see they were learning the basic dance positions and concepts for ballet, but in a fun and casual way.

Basically it was just a nice way to get the girls active and have them feel special. Also to start to learn about how to move their body and follow instructions. Even meet a few new little friends.

Any readers on the Northern Beaches interested in taking the classes I would highly recommend Northern Beaches Dance Co. I’ve not be compensated to review them, I just thought I would because we had such a great time! Classes were affordable and follow the school term. Check out their website.

What are your children’s favourite activities? How do you encourage your kids to be active and include physical activity into your lifestyle? If you are sans kids, do you ever dance for fun or to workout? What were your favourite activities growing up?

Lots of love,

Jess xoxooxoxx