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How to clear acne fast

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I hope you’re all having a great day! I apologise in advance to anyone who doesn’t have acne and who is thinking “blah don’t want to hear about this”. It is not really a glamorous topic. However, I do get a lot of search hits on this topic and it definitely is something that affects the way people feel about themselves. Me included.

Some of the longer readers may have seen some of my old posts about acne. I suffer from it and have for a long time. Last year I decided to make some dietary changes and they made a big difference. But if I’m a little stressed I find it easy to slip off the band wagon and back to break out city.

I’m going to a wedding this weekend and I don’t really want to have teenage skin. Well teenage + wrinkles, so even worse. Here are some of the things I find help.

1. Clean up my diet, even if it is only days or a day away. Every little bit helps.

2. Increase my water intake and decrease caffiene and alcohol.

3. Get enough sleep.

4. Relax and take steps to reduce stress.

5. Try a green tea face mask, it is calming and reduces redness. I always feel my skin looks and feels clearer after I’ve used one. There is a recipe here, if you like DIY, otherwise  there are lots of great ones available to purchase.

6. Benzoyl Peroxide always helps me, particularly if I can apply it overnight. I use 5%, experiment and see what works for you. Others swear by Salicylic Acid, however, I have never had results using it.

7. Apply ice to large, inflamed areas to cool it down and reduce the redness.

8. Invest in a good concealer and powder foundation. Obviously this is not to clear it up, but if you have a big event you want to look your best and not be self conscious. I find applying concealer over spots and then powder over the top works the best for me. Powders are usually better then liquid as they absorb the oil a bit better so I don’t get that shiney look. Play around and ask around for makeup tips and tricks that work with your skin.

9. Focus on other things. Ok again this has nothing to do with clearing your skin. But if I am wearing a beautiful dress or my eye make up is making my eyes pop I’m less worried about what my skin is doing.

What are your tips and tricks? What makes your skin feel its best?

I hope you’re all having a great day! 🙂

Jess xoxoxox