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The Circus!


How are you all? I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a nice Monday to start your week off well.

We have been busy the last few days and my girls are exhausted to prove it! hehe. They even slept in until 10am on Sunday! Which is unheard of! Most definitely the first time in their entire lives they have slept anywhere near that late. It was wonderful for me! 🙂

We kick started the weekend off with my nephew’s Disco Birthday Party! The girls picked out matching party dresses (which is rare) and had a blast playing with the big kids and eating up the party food!








Then we woke up early for swimming lessons, which always wears them out. They had time for a really quick nap after swimming.








We backed this up with free tickets to the Circus! So wonderful! My good friend from Reunion Island (off the East coast of Africa), who I met studying abroad, is travelling over here in Australia. And hoping to stay in Sydney! She met someone in the circus and got us all in! We had a full behind the scenes tour and got to see where all the animals are kept. The girls got free show bags and the full circus experience.


The circus had a lot of animals, which I didn’t realise they still did that these days. There were lots of farm animals, but they also had a bunch of monkeys, three lions and four lion cubs. It was interesting to see the animals behind the scenes. The lion cubs were incredibly playful and fun to watch. However, I most definitely did not trust the fences that were holding the big lions and I didn’t want to get too close (I’m not suggesting they weren’t safe, I just don’t want to be around to test it). One of the male lions had it’s eyes on a horse that was wandering round and was chasing it along the fence.


I enjoyed watching the farm animals, but the lions were not that entertaining to watch “perform” in the ring. I’m sure the attraction is simply that there is a man game enough to get into the ring with three lions. But I kinda just think it is a little naive (to say the least), to get into a ring with three lions. Even if they are well trained etc… they are still wild animals, and it only takes one bad day. Just my two cents though.

They animals all looked well fed and well taken care of, I just don’t think that great big wild animals like lions add much to the show and need to be in a circus. Anyway, that is going off on a tangent, I just felt compelled to comment on it.

How was your weekend? Have you been to the circus? What do you think of animals at the circus?

Jess xoxoox