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Can you get rid of Cellulite?

Hey there!

Ok, I’m well aware the above picture has nothing to do with Cellulite, but I thought it was more fun then looking at a dimply butt or no picture…

Hope your week is starting out nicely! We are going away with my in laws soon for a beach vacation to Hawaii. I have some anxiety about the trip – kinda just silly stuff. I love travel but back in the day I did most of it by myself so travelling with lots of extended family is new. One of the ways I’m calming my nerves is by doing a few things for myself on the shallow spectrum to boost my confidence. Look good – feel good.

I got a new swimming suit on sale for $20!!! Yay! It arrived in the mail a few weeks ago and I finally tried it on. It fit fine but what I did notice was a whole lot of that unsightly stuff called Cellulite. If you dont know what cellulite is count your blessings. It’s pretty gross. Honestly though I never really notice it on anyone else, but I’m definitely conscious of it on my own back end.

According to Wikipedia¬†(the great Scientific source)¬†– it is a topographic skin change that occurs in most postpubertal females and is caused by herniation of the subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue. Ugh Yuck. Anything with subcutaneous, herniation and fat in the sentence and I’m running for the treadmill.

Does anyone know any miracle cures for cellulite?

Here’s what I’ve found:

1. Exercise. I’m going to guess that even if it doesn’t work a toned butt with cellulite is still a better look.

2. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes. Probably just a good idea anyway, although caffeine has got me pretty hooked!

3. Stay hydrated. Again just good advice.

4. Dry brushing. This one i have not tried and probably should as it is inexpensive and no big deal to do.

5. Massage. It helps with blood circulation and functioning of the lymphatic symptom. Oh yet another reason I wish I could afford to get one or several!

6. Cellulite creams. Apparently many of them contain caffeine which dehydrates the skin and makes it look tighter in the short term, but not so good at actually reducing the cellulite. My guess is there are loads of different kinds on the market that work in different ways- some probably more successfully then others. If you know a good one please share!!

7. Anti-cellulite body wraps. From what I gather, please correct me if I’m wrong, these also work by dehydration. So essentially you sweat out fluid and you look smaller. But whether or not this actually reduces cellulite I don’t know. Have any of you ever tried a body wrap?

Do you know any miracle cures? Or anything that helps? If your not so keen to talk cellulite, what do you like to do to boost your confidence? Do you subscribe to the look good feel good mind set? Anyone else use retail therapy (too much)?

Lots of love,

Jess xxxxxxoooxxx