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Holiday Workout


I hope you are all enjoying your day! I thought I’d give you some of the workouts I did on my week away. They are fairly challenging, because I like them to be efficient – quick but effective.

For this workout all you need is a skipping rope and a resistance band (or hand weights). I love resistance bands because they are so portable and effective!!

Please note before commencing any new exercise regime it is important you consult your Doctor. If you feel dizzy, light headed, overly tired, in pain or injured immediately stop what you are doing and see your Doctor. This is a challenging workout. It is not suitable for beginners or persons with joint problems. Skipping (jump rope) is high impact.

Warm up 5 mins – jump rope (with a double jump), jog on the spot or march on the spot or combination jump rope/ march

2 mins Jump rope (or combo rope and marching)

3 mins Circuit- 30 anterior (front) shoulder raises, 30 plie’ squats with bicep curls, 30 resistance band lat pull downs, 30 wide grip push ups, 30 crunches- repeat until you reach 3 mins

2 mins Jump rope (or combo)

3 mins Circuit

2 mins Jump rope (or combo)

3 mins Circuit

5 mins Cool down – walk it off


Please take breaks where needed! And push yourself within your own limits!

Let me know if you have a go! What are your favorite pieces of equipment? Do you ever workout with a resistance band?

Lots of love,

Jess xxxxxxxx