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Lesson in Self Care!

Road meditationHello!

How are you? Welcome March! Welcome Autumn. Although, obviously I LOVE Summer it has been quite hot and humid here so I will embrace the cooler change (if it ever comes).

This year started out with a bang, we had a big trip and then came back to the girls starting school. We also have renovations going on in our house and it has been a little stressful. I felt on top of everything. The girls have been taking awhile to adjust, people have been stressed in the house, however, I felt that as long as I maintained a cool and calm exterior things would improve. And they will improve.

However, I wasn’t taking any time out for myself – I felt like I didn’t have time to do it. I wasn’t getting enough sleep as Summer has been waking up frequently at night (maybe a developmental phase?). And I wasn’t being true to myself and acknowledging my own feelings.

Then it was my Birthday! And for some reason it all hit me and I had a few nights of insomnia (I rarely have). No sleep and too many emotions created the perfect storm. I couldn’t maintain my poker face and cool,calm exterior. So I took part of the day off. I never ever do this. Summer had a huge nap and I took a little nap with her and then just relaxed. I didn’t cook, clean, catch up on laundry or do anything else. I just chilled out. (I felt like just staring at the wall).

Anyway this is not meant to be a poor me post, but more of a silly me post. It is okay to stop. It is okay to take a break. And it is okay to be upset about things. It is okay to draw boundaries and say out loud, when you cross these it upsets me! It is better to take a break for a few hours than to end up sick for a few days right? Better to sort out issues early than let them build?

So as we head into the weekend I urge you all to take some guilt free time to yourself. Just do it. Even if it is only an extra 5 minutes in the shower. Or a quick 20 minute walk. Just take a break. The “stuff” will all still be there to deal with, it is rarely urgent and dire. Life is wonderful and we do all have lots to be grateful for! However, if we don’t acknowledge and properly deal with our challenges then they have a way of building up and biting us back! In fact by not taking a break usually we are doing ourselves and everyone around us a disservice!

What is your favourite way to take a break? Do you feel guilty when you stop? (PS maybe don’t try “road meditation” like in my pic, there are definitely better places to meditate!)

Jess xox

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