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Happy 2nd Birthday Summer!

H, S, L Peppa Pig Cake 15.5


Happy 2nd Birthday to my Gorgeous Girl Summer!


(It was on 15/5/2016, I am just late in posting.)

Summer is hilarious, we call her our little comedian, she is always making us laugh.


She loves to be the boss and the director and keeps us all in line! She love to play with everyone and anyone, especially her “big girls” Halen and Layla. She talks a lot, but sometimes you might need a translator to understand her! 🙂


She is very active and will take risks that sometimes age me! Her favourite activity is Ballet and she talks about it frequently and loves to show you her moves! Summer also loves loves loves to sing and will often sing about whoever she has just been playing with! I can’t believe she is 2 already! It is also hard to believe that there was life before Summer! hehe!


We LOVE you SUMMER! xoxoxox