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August Goals

August GoalsHello!

Welcome to August! July was a bit of a horror month for me (not to be dramatic or anything). I did have an awesome trip away, but the aftermath since has not been fun. Proof holidays need to last longer!

Anyway, I hope your week is starting off well! August is officially the last month of winter! Woot woot! I don’t love winter, hence naming my youngest Summer. However, I need to enjoy the rest of the cold season and get productive. So I thought I’d share with you some goals for this month.

  • I want to blog more and do it more regularly. I know I say this a lot and then life gets in the way, but this may be the month I can fit it in!
  • I want to improve the quality of my blogging content, including the quality of the graphics, which has always been a weakness for me.
  • And that brings me to my next point I have formed a new affiliate partnership with MyDietShopz.com * that I will tell you more about in the near future. However, don’t worry it will not become a blogomercial.
  • I am going to trial doing some regular posts on skin care. Once again they will not take over my blog but will hopefully be complementary to it.
  • I want to focus even more on developing a business I have been working on and I will fill you in more soon.
  • I want to get out more and fit in more exercise that I enjoy doing rather than just do for the sake of it. I have already started taking steps towards this one, including signing up for a Mums and Bubs pole dancing class! That’s right… I will definitely blog about that one!
  • I want to continue to work on confidence because that affects all aspects of my life. I know I know a very broad statement, a more specific approach is being worked on.
  • I want to really enjoy the days my twins have at home with me and get out and about in Sydney with them. They are going to school next year so this special time is feeling more limited.
  • I want life to be more fun and less stressful, so I am going to work very hard on the aspects of this which are under my control. This one kind of involves things which are extremely boring to me like getting more organised (I may be allergic to systems and routines). However, despite my ongoing allergy I do realise the value of not always living life on the sporadic and going with the flow. Sometimes, especially when you know the flow it helps to plan… even if it is boring.

Have you made any goals for August? Do you like routines and plans? Or do you like to live life on the spontaneous side?

Jess xoxox


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