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DealDash Auction Site – Review


Red Light...


How are you all today? I hope you’re having a good week. We survived the heatwave, but it was ridiculously hot! Profound sentence there… Really did feel like we were in an oven, with no escape. We don’t have airconditioning or even any fans, as our house is generally on the cooler side. By the end of the day both girls were sick with a fever and we purchased two new fans. They were calling them “heaters” as it felt like they were just blowing hot air around. Haha!

I skipped tone it up Tuesday, or any sort of workout as it was so hot and I had a baby on my hip (or 2) most of the day. I will get better about posting workouts!

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, I like to be (have to be) a little bit thrifty with money. I know this isn’t directly related to health and fitness, however, I do believe that feeling ok about your finances definitely helps your mental health AND if I am careful about the purchases I make I can benefit the world by being a bit greener. I frequently buy and sell second hand goods. eBay has become my friend. I also regularly donate old toys, books and clothes to local charities.

So when I was asked to review an online auction site I thought I’d give it a go, as I thought it may be helpful to some of you out there who are into bargain hunting and saving money. I have been compensated a small amount for my opinions, however, all thoughts and opinions are definitely my own.

Basically, DealDash is a ‘penny’ auction house, where you buy bids. All items start at $0.00 and go up in increments of $0.01. So if you win your item you pay very little for it! However, if you do not win you still pay for your bids. Every bid costs 60 cents and must be purchased prior to bidding.

DealDash calls itself “risk free” because if you didn’t win the item you can purchase it at it’s full price (not the price of the winning bid) and deduct the cost of your bids from the total amount you owe. So I guess essentially it is a good way to buy something you really want to buy anyway and potentially get it for a lot less. If you don’t, then you can still get it.

My guess is they make their money on their members who get caught up in the ‘deal’ and buy bids on things they don’t necessarily need or only really can only afford to get it if they win it at a low price. With bids only being 60 cents they may only be ‘risking’ a small amount.

DealDash is based in the USA and shipping is free to all of it’s USA winners. As I’m in Australia, I didn’t sign up and honestly I’m not sure if it would be my thing. They have over 1 million members, so they are definitely doing something right. I can definitely see the benefits and I think it would totally be up my sister’s ally as she enjoys the competitive side of auctions. I can get sucked in emotionally to an item and hate the thought of spending any money on something I may not get. Although I do think it is great that if you really want the item and are willing to pay full price you can get your bids deducted.

Have you ever used any kind of online auction house? Do you like competition, deals and bargains? Or find it all a little stressful? Do you try to be thrifty, reuse, recycle and reduce waste?

Jess xoxox

photo by: Kıvanç Niş