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Weekend Things!


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend! Thank you for all of your lovely comments last week! I am feeling much happier this week!

We had a nice weekend with lots of time spent outdoors! Just what we all needed I think. The girls are still unwell, but I’m just finding that the fresh air is helping their moods and they are napping better.














I got some new running shoes! Which was very exciting! (Excuse my cankles in the photo.)


And all the laundry done as we finally have sunshine! (I’m sure you all cared to know about that little update!)
Anyway just feeling more on top of things and caught up and ready to face the week.




Today we started out with a stroller run and the girls have had two big plays in the park. Hopefully they’ll go to bed early and be feeling better finally by tomorrow.








How was your weekend? What are your favourite ways to be active on the weekend?

Jess xoxoxx