My Advice for Busy Mums trying to keep fit

William holding handsHello! How are you all?

This year I thought I would have way way more time for blogging. However, life has been hectic. The girls starting school has been a lot more full on than I anticipated. So I apologise for the absence. However, it will all get easier and I will have more time over time. At the moment though I still sometimes feel like each day is a race of trying to meet others needs.

A good friend of mine recently had a babe and she asked me what is your advice for busy Mums? How do you keep fit? I think this advice is applicable though for others too, increasingly we all live crazy lives.

We each have our own time pressures, limitations and things we have to face and deal with so flexibility is obviously key. What works for me won’t necessarily work for you or for anyone else. And what works at one stage in the game won’t always work down the track. Be open to change.

Making yourself a priority is hard once you become a mother, however, if you can set the intention to get some workout time in a few times a week you are setting yourself in better stead to do so! Say it out loud, tell your partner or whoever, that it is really important to you that you get that time (even if it includes the children).

Lose the guilt, stop beating yourself up, change your mind, your attitude and the way you speak to yourself. If you can’t do what you hope to on one day or even a week don’t stress. Stress isn’t good for you. Relax it will all be okay, you will get there and it is not a race. Celebrate yourself and your achievements when you are able to and when you are not shake it off. Stop the self criticism and start enjoying yourself and your body.

Don’t expect instant results and don’t worry when you don’t see them. Consistency is key and it takes time. You would be amazed at what six months of slow and steady training can do to your body shape. We think we need to be thin and we need to look a certain way and we need to do it right now. But actually what we need to do is make healthy changes that we can actually keep that become part of our lifestyle.

Exercise is just one slice of the fitness pie. You know what else is really important? Sleep, sunshine, a healthy diet, a social life, supportive relationships etc. If you aren’t sleeping and you are worried about other aspects of your life then how can you expect yourself to achieve great fitness results? Don’t let that stop you from fitting in exercise if you can, but what I am trying to say is that you need to take a wholistic view to taking good care of yourself. If you are up all night with a sick baby it is okay to take that day off “exercise” and get some rest instead. If you are struggling in your relationship look at addressing those issues as well, it will have benefits on your fitness levels, I swear! Take care and love yourself! πŸ™‚

It doesn’t have to be “formal” to count. Everything counts. All movement! Seriously walk to the park instead of driving, get up and play with your kid a little more, walk into the dance studio to pick your kid up instead of waiting in the car. They seem like little things but little things grow into big things. Some days when I am tracking my movement for the day I do more just from running around with errands and playdates than I do when I head to the gym.

What are your strategies? Do you struggle to make fitness a priority?

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well and managed to fit in a little down time πŸ™‚

Jess xoxox



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  1. Great post Jess and I’m not exercising at all at the moment – other than the occasional float around our apartment complex pool.

    When I was exercising though for me it was about making it a part of my day. I actually used to put my lunchtime gym classes in my diary at work and avoided (where possible) meetings at that time. I worked long hours so it forced me to take a lunch break and made exercise part of my day. Also… going gym classes 4-5 days during the week meant I didn’t HAVE to do anything on weekends if I didn’t want to!
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  2. this is my favorite! : “It doesn’t have to be β€œformal” to count”
    it’s what i tell all of my friends trying to be healthier. any extra movement is good! do what you can!

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