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Wild Active Wear



How are you? I hope you are all doing really well! I have come on here to do a shameless plug of my new business. I have been planning, thinking, planning, thinking, doing and thinking more about this little business for what feels like a long time. And it is finally ready to launch!


So welcome to Wild Active Wear! It is fun workout wear, the quality is awesome and it comes in a wide range of sizes (at the moments hoodies go from XS – XXL and pants from XS to XL). I am hoping to offer even greater variety and more styles as it grows!

When I worked as a trainer in the States I found that it was hard for women of all sizes to get workout clothes (most clothes are designed for a really narrow window of petite women). If they could get stuff in their size it was ugly. I have also found that good quality workout wear here in Australia is stupidly expensive. So this little business is aiming to have styles for lots of different shapes (because we come in lots of different shapes), be reasonably affordable and be really fun!


What do you like to workout in? Anything you would love to see on our shelves?

I must add at the moment I am only shipping within Australia (sorry global readers). However, I am hoping to extend that to the USA shortly.

AND if you are interested in buying a pair I would like to give you a special discount code for being loyal readers:


Just add the code at checkout!

Jess xoxoxox