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What’s for lunch? #saynotopackaging #moreinmay

Winter VegetablesHello!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We had a really lovely one, we had a cowgirl/boy theme Birthday party for Summer and it was a blast. We also took her to Wildlife World in Darling Harbour, which she loves. She runs around pointing at everything saying “that”, “this” and “there” (her favourite words). I will do another post with some pictures as I had a friend take photographs for me. I am not an amazing photographer and I always get stressed about the dilemma of capturing moments vs being in the moment. I prefer being in the moment but it is nice having pictures!

I thought it was time to share some more lunch box ideas for those who are interested and after some new inspiration and also discuss something else I have been working on in May – cutting down on waste and packaging. On one of my previous lunch box posts fellow blogging friend Deb commented that my girls lunches were mostly “nude” or “naked” and that was a thing. I didn’t realise it was or specifically that I was doing it. However, I hope it really is a thing! And since that comment I have been making a sustained effort to ensure we are reducing our waste and landfill contribution by avoiding overly packaged foods!

Did you know Australia is one of the highest waste producers, it was recently ranked in the top five waste producing nations? On average every Australian family contributes enough rubbish each year to fill a three-bedroom house! Also every year more than 100,000 birds, whales, seals and turtles worldwide are killed by plastic rubbish. (Source)

When I was a kid everything was packaged and if it wasn’t packaged then the parents usually wrapped it in plastic wrap and made up for it that way! Now you can buy some amazing lunchboxes that keep the food fresh and insulated lunch bags to help prevent food from spoiling. Fortunately my girls Kindy keeps their lunch in a fridge until it is time for them to eat it. I love the Bento style boxes, although they are quite pricey. My girls lunch box is a Tupperware box (incase anyone is interested) and seems to do the job quite well.

The other benefit of cutting down on packaging is that foods that come without a package or their own natural package tend to be whole foods and better for you! Win win right! So not only are you helping reduce the landfill on our beautiful planet but you are also probably eating better foods! It is also much easier for little ones to manage their lunchboxes and lunches if they don’t have to worry about opening different packages and dealing with all the excess rubbish.

So here are three lunches my girls have had recently!

Lunchbox 1: Berrie mix, sushi, edamame, carrot sticks, tomatoes and cucumber sticks. This was quite a full lunch as we were going to the park after school so it was also their after school snack. The weather has cooled down so their left over food as being staying fresher after lunch.







Lunch box 2: Rock melon, cream cheese on multigran rice cakes, tomatoes and cucumber sticks.








Lunchbox 3: Cucumber sticks, left over quiche from dinner, turkey, peaches, carrot sticks.



You will see a lot of repeated food items, because my kids LOVE cucumber and blueberries. So when blueberries are in season and not ridiculously expensive they feature prominently in their lunch. Cucumber sticks are also a regular staple. I love to introduce variety too, but I find it is better received when there are some options they are also used to eating.

Do you worry about rubbish? Any tips for cutting it down? What are your favourite lunches right now?

Jess xoxox

PS I have a competition coming up soon so stay tuned 🙂

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