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The Last Day


How are you? I hope everyone is calmly preparing for the holidays, with little stress and anxiety!

Today was my big girls last day of Kindergarten. And for some reason tonight it has finally all hit me and I am feeling a little emotional about life. This term has been full on with moving and everything else that has been going on, I didn’t really process that we were on the count down to the end of term. This week has been really nuts, with a car brake down that left me stuck on the side of the road for hours and then trying to reschedule my life around getting the car fixed. Nothing life altering, but annoying and time consuming. This morning itself we were running late as the girls were tired and had to be ready for their talent quest. So none of it really hit me.

It has been such a big year for my girls I have seen them change and grow enormously. I have watched them (and helped them) learn all sorts of things and that has been wonderful. I really feel so loved by them and feel so so so grateful to be their Mum. They are truly so gorgeous in all ways. They are empathetic and caring and wonderful to be around! What more could I ask.

Today when I picked them up the were forming a big tunnel with the rest of the school for the graduating Year 6 kids to run through, as they will all be heading to High School next year. So there was a lot of emotion in the air. My girls have Year 6 buddies who they ADORE. Seriously these girls have been amazing. So amazing I even told their teacher last term that they were just fantastic and could she please pass it on to their teacher as I felt they deserved some kind of medal.

You see my girls had mega anxiety at the start of the year and begged me everyday morning and night to please let them stay home from school. It was really tough on everyone. Then they met their buddies and suddenly Mondays became okay. I didn’t know why at first and then Halen told me Monday is Buddy Day, I love my Buddy. And she truly does. She loves her so much she made her a card and put all her saved up canteen money in it for her! In return her Buddy surprised her with two little toys that Halen treasures every day! Layla loves her Buddy too. They have done all sorts of fun things together during Buddy time and their Buddies have gone above and beyond in making an effort to cuddle them, say hello to them and support them at other times during the week.

When we were leaving school this afternoon Halen started to cry, that she would miss Kindergarten, she would miss her Teacher and most of all she would miss her Beloved Buddy who was going to High School. And she didn’t stop crying for a good 50 minutes. Pretty soon after they swapped and Layla started to cry.

I could totally relate to their feelings as I am like that too, I love my friends and people who come into my life in such a positive way. It is just life that people grow up, go to High School, move away, change jobs, change cities or even countries. Life is fluid and that is beautiful, but it can also be so hard. I was actually lost for words, I tried to comfort them and tell them we would most likely see their Buddies again around the area, everyone always bumps into everyone around here and they would too. But I know and they know that the relationship has changed. They are now big Year 1 kids and their buddies are big Year 7 kids. They won’t be at school together, they won’t share that time together each week. And that’s okay, that’s life, but for them it is also sad. They will miss them.

And I think that’s what got to me tonight. My big girls will never be in Kindergarten again, they will never be babies or toddlers or preschoolers or Kindergarteners again. And that’s okay and wonderful and sometimes sad all at once. Life just shoots by and it feels like your Kids lives fly by even faster. Relationships change, people change, grow and move. I didn’t know the right words to use to comfort my girls. But there probably aren’t right ways of doing anything. I did say to them when you miss someone, that it is a sign that they are really special to you and even if you won’t seem them as much it is really awesome to have special people in your life. Even if it is only for a short time.

And who knows life has a way of surprising us! We never know what is in store or when someone may swing back into our lives in a new way! See you later is hard, Good Bye is really hard. And I guess growing up is just full of these moments!

Do you remember finishing Primary School? Were you excited for High School? Sad to finish? Both? I remember how OLD I thought I was! And thinking how fast life had gone then… HA!


Jess xoxoxo