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Simple Giving by Jennifer Iacovelli – Review

Jennifer B

Hello folks!

How are you all? I have something a little different for you all today a book review. The book is Simple Giving easy ways to give every day written by Jennifer Iacovelli.

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Jennifer is a blogger over at and She is way more than a blogger though, she is a wonderful Mum, a writer, speaker and consultant. She has also worked extensively in the non-profit sector. Jennifer is passionate about giving back and making the world a better place. And that is what really drew me to her blog when I stumbled across it this year.

I made it one of my goals at the beginning of the year to give more of my time and money to others. I have definitely achieved that this year, however, I still feel like there is a lot more I could do and I am sure there are more effective ways I could do it. I am also starting a business and one of the things I have wanted to create as part of my business model was a way to give and keep giving as the business grows. I have ideas about how I want to give and what I want to do, but I really have not been quite sure of the best way to go about it.

And then Jennifer mentioned her book Simple Giving on her blog and I knew I had to get my hands on a copy! I was lucky enough to get a copy through her publicist on pre-release and have the opportunity to tell you all about it.

Simple Giving is logical, straightforward and concise. It is straight to the point and breaks it all down so that anyone can learn from it and apply the principles to their lives. Simple Giving speaks to us all as I really do think we all want to give more, we are just held back by lack of resources, time, fear and not knowing how to get started.

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Throughout her book Jennifer illustrates ways in which we can all give, easily, more frequently and of course simply. Jennifer starts out discussing the value in basic acts of kindness, which is something we can all do more of without spending a dime. Jennifer builds from there discussing different models we can use for giving more regularly and more effectively, such as shopping with a conscience and joining giving circles. Jennifer even includes ways in which businesses can give more and ways in which we can potentially start our own organisations to give to the causes we are most passionate about.

Throughout the book Jennifer illustrates each model for giving with real life examples. Everyday people doing things to make the world a better place. This is the most enjoyable part of the book too because it is truly eye opening and inspiring to read all these examples of people giving. Jennifer also provides resources at the end of each chapter so you can do your own research and find out more about ways to give and about the organisations that speak most to you.

At times the world can be a scary and overwhelming place. It is easy to get depressed and switch off. As individuals we often feel it is impossible to make a real difference or effect much positive change. Simple Giving takes away any excuse and shows you in real terms how you can make a difference. You don’t have to be rich and have all the time in your hands! You just need to have the desire and Simple Giving shows you how!


Look at how kick ass Jennifer is! Do you ever feel like you would like to give more, but lack time, energy or resources? What are your favourite ways to give?

Jess xoxoxo

PS All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not compensated to write this review, however, I did receive a free copy! (Simple Giving in action!)