Winter Park Tour


How are you all? Following on from my last post… I thought I’d share with you an awesome day I had with my girls. That involved lots of incidental exercise and planned exercise too.

We set out to run down to Manly, which is hard work with two in a stroller (for me anyway)! It was a beautiful winters day! Actually the weather here has been amazing for winter. So warm and sunny!








The run down was really scenic and my girls enjoyed it, as much as they ever enjoy the stroller. Once we got to Queenscliff I let them out and let them run down the path (that follows the beach). They had a blast!








Then we hit the corso and they did some more running and lots of playing the fountains. Luckily I brought a change of clothes for them.



We made it to the Corso park and had a little play. Quickly they realised they were starving so we had some lunch and watched the birds. My kids LOVE birds.

After lunch we went back to the Corso park and played there for at least thirty minutes. I finally convinced bribed  them to get back into the stroller so we could make it home before sundown! However, they decided at every park we came across that they wanted to stop and play. My initial instinct was to say “No”, “We need to Hurry”, “Come on”, you know those usual Mum type, lets get on with it responses. And then I thought about and realised we really weren’t in a huge hurry, the only urgency was in my head and they were obviously so happy to be able to visit and play at all these parks, so why not!?


So we stopped at three parks along the way home and naturally it took us a lot longer to get back. But by the time we made it home we were all really tired and slept really really well!






When was the last time you paused and just enjoyed, instead of rushing through life? Do you love sunny winters days? What things make your day wonderful?

Jess xooxx

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  1. Oh, your girls are so cute – but I think I’ve said that before (and it’s just my thwarted dreams of motherhood rearing their ugly head!!!).

    I love the notion of ‘playing’ and encouraging kids to be active and having fun as a family.
    Deborah recently posted…Escape of the inner bitchMy Profile

  2. What a fun day! We are in the middle of a lazy summer right now, and I love having all these relaxed mornings with my kiddos. It’s so important to pause the rush rush rush once in awhile. Glad you are enjoying your time with your babes!
    greengirlrunning recently posted…Summer FunMy Profile

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