When it comes to sustained weight loss often it is the little things

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How are you all going? I hope you’re having a great week! I feel like I’m way behind on blogging this month! Terrible… August is only just around the corner, so I can make it up then!

I was talking to some friends recently about weight loss. They were both in the contemplation phase, well barely in that phase. Kind of wanting to weigh less but not ready to actively take steps to achieve weight loss. Both of them are beautiful girls just the way they are I might add.

What struck me from their conversation was how skewed their idea on weight loss was and because they had such a skewed vision they weren’t prepared to set out to do it. (I don’t know that I would be either if that is what I thought of weight loss!).

Basically in their minds weight loss equated to bootcamps, getting up at the crack of dawn to run in the mud, drag tyres and pushup in the wet grass. It also equated to crash diets, barely eating, and never indulging. Starving, tired, dirty and gross.

Obviously following their idea of weight loss, probably would result in weight loss, but it would be hard to maintain it. It doesn’t have to be so harsh! In my opinion it is usually the little things that have the biggest impact, and make weight loss realistic and sustainable. The thing is if you ask someone who is fit and healthy and has been that way for an extended period of time, I would be surprised if they told you they were starving and exhausted. That is not sustainable or healthy.

Weight loss gets presented in this crazy way all of the time, through heavily advertised crash diets, diet shakes, bars, and even TV shows like the biggest loser. I couldn’t count how many clients I have had who have come to me and said I want to lose weight but I don’t want to run, jump or get dirty. And my response “That is ok!” There is plenty you can do to lose weight that doesn’t involve those activities, although in my opinion they can really fun and effective!

So the point to all my gibber… I personally have seen the biggest changes in my body when I have made somewhat subtle changes. In fact I was even doing them without the intention of changing my body. I was doing them just cause. For example, I hated commuting to work, always have. I figured I could walk in an hour. Or commute for 40 minutes. I decided to just walk it. After three months my clothes were fitting better and people were asking what I had done? Nothing… I wasn’t doing anything. Then I realised I was walking to work.

Since then I have vowed to include more incidental exercise in my daily life, because it makes a difference. It may not be overnight dramatic, but it all adds up.

And I have seen the same thing with clients. Sometimes they are ready to make big serious changes and that is great. But sometimes they are not. And that is ok too, if you’re not ready or wanting to overhaul your life, little things can make a big difference. Plus Feeling Good is kind of addictive, so once you make improvements in one area you’ll naturally be inspired in others.

Here are a few things that some of my client’s (or myself) have done to see long term changes in their health:

  • Adding exercise into their commute
  • Increasing their incidental exercise
  • Cutting out alcohol during the week and limiting it on the weekends (except for special occasions)
  • Going vegetarian or vegan part time
  • Cutting out or limiting processed foods on the weekends or week days
  • Increasing their water intake
  • Limiting soft drink and fruit juice intake
  • Eating a serve of fruit or vegetables before every meal
  • Adding in a social event each week that is fitness related – work team sport, walk chat with a friend, rock climbing date night etc.
  • Getting a dog – seriously has helped a few people I know, to be a good dog owner you have to be more active!

Have you made any simple changes that have led to long term healthy patterns in your life? What little things do you do that make a difference? Is your image of weight loss, one of boot camps and starvation? (Not that there is anything wrong with bootcamps, I love them. Definitely something wrong with starvation though!)

Jess xoxox


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  1. Great tips and I couldn’t agree more! Losing weight is the easy part, keeping it off is where things get difficult! While starvation & boot camps may produce results, there’s only so long anyone can continue with that kind of approach before old habits return and the weight comes back on! Slow & steady changes = key to successful weight loss!

  2. Oh, as you know I’ve been tainted by horrible experiences and perceptions of weight loss. Even now I KNOW what I should and shouldn’t do (and know there is no SHOULD and SHOULDN’T) but find it hard – the head vs heart thing…. or sense vs irrational desperation!
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