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Happy Wednesday!  I haven’t done a What’s happening Wednesday post in awhile, but I’ve read some awesome stuff lately so I thought I’d share. This week has flown by so far already. Yesterday we were all so tired after our morning adventure that we all laid down for a nap. And 4 hours later… we woke up. I don’t think I’ve ever napped that long before! The kidlets were bouncing off the walls all afternoon after so much sleep and went to bed at a shocking time haha. Ah well. Must have needed the nap I guess.

Anyway, onto sharing the love…

Cancer and Exercise

Cancer and Exercise by Bonnie Lang was a straightforward post about what she had learnt from a weekend intensive course on Cancer and Exercise. The message was movement is a good thing and the research shows that there are huge benefits to staying active. Listen to your body, do as much as you feel you can and focus on just getting in movement rather than exercise. Good message for us all.  Bonnie’s husband was actually diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2008, so she speaks from experience.

Blogging as a full time career

Sallys from Sallys Baking Addiction did the best and most thorough post on turning blogging into an actual career. Her blog is amazing! It is beautiful and easy to navigate. And she has only been doing it for not even 2 years, yet it is her full time job now. Amazing. If you have any interest in monetizing or growing your blog check this post out!

Nurse reveals top 5 regrets people make on their death bed

This one has been floating around for awhile, I have definitely seen it in the past. However, I think it is easy to sometimes let our lives slip by without really addressing what is important to us and thinking about what we want to achieve. Sometimes at 29 I have thoughts that it’s too late, I’ve missed my chance I need to settle with my current path. But that is just not true. There are always opportunities for change and growth. And most importantly be connected to friends and family and express those feelings.

Have you read anything cool lately round the net? Feel free to add a link. Or add one of your own posts if you want!

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  1. I’m so glad life truly wasn’t over at 29! I never would have had the chance to move to AZ, start running, teach at a University, see my son become a dancer/singer/actor, and see my other son become a VERY good goalie! Unfortunately, knowing this hasn’t made me any wiser about the present. I am having the SAME issue as you are! I’m about to turn 39 and feel like it’s “too late” to make changes. Why do we do this to ourselves?
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    • Well said Stephanie!! I’m such a lot of amazing stuff awaits you! But it is really easy to feel like you’re “stuck” with where you’re at and accept it. Watching your sons grow must be a treat, they are both so talented and look like lots of fun! And you personally have done a LOT!

  2. Mine aren’t quite as deep, but there are my current two faves:


    and, on a much lighter note:


    (Don’t be alarmed by the blog name – he’s a slightly crass but funny triathlete, who aggregated some of the funniest Texts From Dog posts….]

    Enjoy! 🙂
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