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And Happy Wednesday! I have been lagging on the blogging lately and I have no real reason for it. Just wasn’t feeling it.

It is officially Spring here and I’m loving every minute of it! We had a really warm and beautiful Winter. Spring is kick starting off really nicely! The girls have gotten back into a really nice sleeping pattern, which is not exciting news for anyone but me. They seemed like they were going to stop napping, but were not coping at all with the afternoons. If they did nap they were up all night. However, they now seem to be back to having a daytime sleep and going to bed at a reasonable time. Means more sleep all round for them and me, which makes us all happier! 🙂

With the warmer weather I think it is also a time to re evaluate my goals, plan for more outdoor days, swimming, hiking and hopefully some running too!

What are your favourite things about spring? It is also nice to be wearing shorts or even dresses again! 🙂

Anyway, despite my lack of blogging I have still been doing a lot of reading so I thought I would share some of the interesting finds with you.

Flames for Flegality– The Elephant has left my room. How about yours?

Yesterday was “Are you OK?” day in Australia, basically a day to bring about suicide awareness and help prevent it. The above post is perfectly timed as it is written by a lady, Jennifer, who lost her brother Ryan to suicide. I cannot even imagine how hard that must be. It is such an important and tragic issue. Jennifer discusses that because it is such a difficult issue people keep quiet about it and hope it will just go away. Jennifer comments that she felt uncomfortable discussing it because it was so close to home and so upsetting to think about. BUT then she realised that she was just contributing to the silence that surrounds the issue. The Elephant has left her room! It is a really beautiful post and very sad, but touching story. Unfortunately suicide is far too common, particularly it seems in young males and has touched too many lives.

Collective – Evolution


This post creeps me out. Basically it discusses that the FDA has admitted to putting arsenic in chicken feed and that it is found in chicken meat (not wholly excreted, which was previously the story). And arsenic is carcinogenic. Gross. We all just want to eat food that is real, not full of crap. It doesn’t seem that hard, but apparently it is.

16 Things I Learned on Vacation

This post by Christine from Love, Life, Surf, is beautiful, honest and positive. After two heavy posts I wanted to share something that was enjoyable to read. Christine just got back from a month long vacation to Hawaii with her family and shares her experience. Basically I lived vicariously through this post and imagined I was in the warm tropical water. Vacation dreaming is a nice break from my usual thoughts. Plus Christine is an excellent photographer in my opinion.

How are you all going? Are you looking forward to Spring? Or Autumn/Fall for the Northern Hemispherers?

Jess xoxoxox


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  1. Thank you Jess for sharing my post! I just scrolled through my photos again to pretend I was back in Hawaii. Also glad that you shared “The Elephant has left my room” post. It so so important to talk about this issue and to make it OK to talk about.

    PS I’m excited for you that the girls have resumed a good sleeping pattern. I think that almost every parent can appreciate it when children sleep!!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…1 year and 9 months. Finally surfing.My Profile

    • Oh sleep is so awesome! I will never ever take a good nights sleep for granted haha! Loved all your Hawaii posts. And “The Elephant has left my room” is sadly all too relatable for too many people (I saw it on your twitter feed).

  2. I’m actually a lover of winter, so wish it’d stretch out longer. Mind you, it’s already really windy here in Qld and there’ve been some rain and storms, so it’ll be summer and cyclone season before we know it!
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