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I hope you are all doing really well and enjoying your November! I had big plans to blog (always do) and then life got really busy. Life is generally busier than I would like anyway but it seemed to step it up several notches the last few weeks. Although it has been filled with fun so I am not complaining!

We are going away for Christmas and this is requiring lots of planning and organising on my behalf. It should be a great time, but ahhh responsibility falls on my shoulders and keeps me up at night sometimes. I think I have it sorted finally or most of the important things, but there always feels like more to do. #firstworldproblems


The girls turned 5 which was awesome fun! I still can’t believe they are 5! On top of an awesome day of fun on their actual Birthday, we had a big Birthday party for them with all of their classmates a week later (20 ish kids came eek)! Luckily I outsourced the entertainment to Australian Wildlife Displays (link to their site, not at an affiliate link, just for anyone in Sydney who may be interested in using them, I can highly recommend them). My kids love love love animals and said they wanted their party to be at the Zoo. Well I wasn’t going to take 20 + kids to the Zoo so this was a really reasonable option! They brought some awesome Australian animals including a little Saltwater Crocodile! And my kids got to hold all the animals and even carry some around to show their friends. They were beaming!IMG_20151107_130734316

The girls also had their dance concert, which was fabulous. I have limited photographs as they had professional photographers there and were couldn’t take any of the actual dancing. It was a big day as they performed the concert twice through! I was very proud though they both did well and had lots of fun!


The weather has changed and definitely feels like Summer! We have had some warm and some really warm days, which has meant lots of swimming and beach trips! I LOVE being in the water, something about the water that just relaxes me on a new level. I think it maybe goes back to all of our holidays being spent at the beach (my Dad is beach obsessed), so water to me = joy! Either that or mermaids are real and I have some ancestors somewhere down the line that were mermaids. Cause I like to believe mermaids are real.


And my kids are starting school next year! So there have been orientation days and planning for next year! Planning for the end of kindy.  Lots of planning and organising! So far I have managed to stay on top of everything though, knock on wood.

I am looking forward to the rest of the month. Trying to soak in the moments rather than speed through the days. Easier said than done!

What are you up to these days? Has the silly season kicked off for you?

Jess xoxoxo


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    • I loved it even as an adult! I am not sure if I would have been as brave as them at their age! It was amazing almost all the kids were really comfortable around the animals, it was the adults who were anxious!

  1. I seriously had to skim over those first few pics as I cannot even look at sn…..s. And yes, I’m not sure I can write the world. SNAKES. There, I did it.

    Every so often one will appear on my FB feed and I keep wondering if there’s an ‘app’ or similar which can automatically hide them for me! 😉

    The twins must be so excited about starting school, but it sounds like you’ve got a busy (but hopefully enjoyable) time before then!
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  2. We used to spend at least a couple of weeks every summer camping by a lake and my sister and I would spend all day in the water if we could. I am not really a beach person now because I mind being in the sun too much, but I have very fond memories of those days from my childhood – swimming in the lake, canoeing, and campfires at night. Good times!
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