What not to ask a mother of twins (or any mum)


I thought it would be fun to do a post about some of the amazing things random strangers have said to me since I had the twins.  And why they might be a little inappropriate.

Wow you must have been really fat if you carried twins!

Never cool to call a woman fat, even in past tense.

How bad do your abs look now?

Bad enough that I don’t want you asking!

Were you inseminated or were they natural?

If you think this is a legitimate question then the answer is going to be yes with a turkey baster after thanksgiving.

There are too many people in the world I don’t believe in IVF.

Well I didn’t have IVF, but even if I did it would be none of your business. I don’t go around suggesting you should have been neutered after I see your kids.. Although I might be thinking it.

Which one is your favorite?

Well obviously you weren’t your parents favorite as you were gipped on the social skills front. I love them both.

Which one is the bad one?

I had twins girls not cops.

Who is smarter?

Really… ? Let’s give them issues.

It must be horrible I could never have twins.

Luckily God thought you were incapable too!

It must be easy for you because you don’t know any different.

Come over at 2am when they are both inconsolable and my hubby has to sleep for work. It is a walk in the park.

Mostly when people approach me they are really nice and when they are not so nice they make me laugh! I hope you are all having a great day! 🙂 I’ll be back tomorrow with a more fitness inspired post!

Lots of Love,

Jess xoxox

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