Welcome to the world baby girl!


It has been too long, but life has been a bit consuming- which it should be!

While the month is still current I wanted to introduce the biggest and most amazing thing that happened for me in May! And really the last 3.5 years.




She was born smack bang on her due date, weighing 3.63 kgs or 8lbs and 50 cm long. She seems tiny to me but was born nearly twice the size of her big sisters. So far she is extremely quiet, calm and sweet. She barely makes a peep!

I have a lot of catching up and updating to do when I get back to more regular posting. Recovery from her birth (which ended up a C Section), settling in at home and of course taking care of 3 have kept me busy but are going along reslly well. I certainly will not be short of things to erite about…

Until then, I have missed you lovely readers and hope life is treating you all well.

Jess xxxooxxxx

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