Welcome October!

Summer vacation 2011 friends and family

Hello! And Welcome October!

How are you all? Thank you to all who entered my competition! The winner was Sarah! She will be receiving her goodies soon!

October is starting out to be quite the month. It has already been full of some drama both positive and negative! It is looking like a month which will have lots on the horizon!

I thought this month rather than doing my usual goals for the month I might do a Spring/ Summer Bucket list!

  1. Get my business up and going! (I am starting a business finally! More on this soon!)
  2. Make over my blog!
  3. Blog more frequently and consistently.
  4. Take the girls on a holiday.
  5. Visit my Dad in Yamba.
  6. Print out some photographs and put them in albums and frames.
  7. Frame some of the girls art work!
  8. Get H and L all ready for School!
  9. Add more dancing into my life!
  10. Get to the gym once a week (I have a super cheap gym membership so I haven’t cancelled it even though I rarely go as it is hard to manage with the girls.)
  11. Enter another race with the girls and possibly one on my own.
  12. Help H and L to get to the place where they can swim on their own happily (no pressure though this is a goal they want to achieve and they will get there eventually even if it doesn’t happen this Summer).
  13. Start S in swimming lessons (she thinks she already can swim alone)!
  14. Spend H and L’s week days off doing activities they have wanted to do, ticking off their little bucket/goal lists. I am going to miss having them home with me at least sometimes during the week!
  15. Plan H and L’s 5th Birthday! Yay!
  16. Have a beach BBQ (probably several)
  17. Go to a water park this Summer!
  18. Go to the beach a bazillion times (we live in walking distance so no excuse).
  19. Do a big clean up, clear out and donate session of our house!
  20. Drink lots of smoothies and eat lots of salad!
  21. Plan and actually host a fundraiser that I have been wanting to do for aaggges.
  22. Have a girls night out with my Buddies! (Ummm 6 years over due)
  23. Have a girls night in with my little munchkins! And maybe a girls night out or too with them as well! 🙂
  24. Read more and relax more.
  25. Look into studying/ updating my Personal Trainers Qualifications.
  26. Have fun fun fun!

Have you got anything exciting planned for the Summer? Or Winter if you are Northern Hemisphere?

Jess xoxoxo

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8 Responses to Welcome October!

  1. Great list!

    We are heading into autumn here. We started renovating our bathroom at the end of August, but ended up having to do more than we thought so we are just getting started up again now. Should be finished in a couple of weeks. So once that is done, my goal is to do some de-cluttering in the rest of the house. And of course there will be the fall garden cleanup to do. I guess those are not really exciting plans, but lots to keep me busy for sure!
    JavaChick recently posted…September: Progress and Lack ThereofMy Profile

  2. HaHa! That list should keep you busy! And by the way, you are the best list maker I’ve ever seen!

    We are hoping for a short winter, but fall is pretty nice here. There are lots of art festivals and outdoor activities, and of course, American football is a religion in the South and our team (UF) is 5-0 at the moment!
    Dr. J recently posted…Action Versus Just Doing SomethingMy Profile

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