Weight Workout Wednesday


Every Wednesday I plan on posting a resistance workout. Today the only equipment needed are some hand weights/ dumb bells. It will involve lots of repetitions so don’t make those weights too heavy. You want to begin to tire out by 13-15 reps.

5 minute cardio warm up of your own choice- walk, jog, bike, elliptical etc

25 squats

20 Ab crunches

Repeat these sets twice more

20 walking lunges

10 star jumps (jumping jacks if you’re from USA)

Plank 10 secs x 3

Repeat these sets twice more

Sumo squat down and hold and complete 20 bicep curls

15 wide grip push ups

Repeat these sets twice more

15 Alternating deltoid raises with dumbbells

25 star jumps

Repeat these sets twice more

30 Ab crunches

5 minutes stretching and cool down

Please note before beginning any exercise regime you should speak to a doctor. If you feel overly tired, dizzy, sick or in pain stop immediately and see your doctor.

I hope that little workout gives you a mid week boost.

Lots of Love,

Jessica xoxoxo

What are your favorite resistance exercises? Do you prefer to do whole body workouts or switch it up?


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